Chelsea Heights Community Centre plays a vital role in the social, educational and cultural life of our community. Set amongst parklands near the renowned Seaford – Edithvale Wetlands, we offer a variety of programs, activities and services involving a diverse range of people from our community.

At our Centre you can develop friendships, have fun, exchange ideas or learn new skills. We aim to meet the needs and interests of our community so your ideas and input are always welcome. The Centre receives funding from City of Kingston Council and the Department of Health and Human Services.


The current Chelsea Heights Community Centre building was opened in October 1986, replacing a ‘Nissen Hut’. Throughout its history the Centre has provided a wide range of activities and classes to suit members from all age groups and sectors of the Chelsea Heights community.

For the very young a playgroup has operated from the Centre for it’s entire history. An occasional childcare service was in operation from 1990 to 2019. For older children and youth the Centre has hosted the Chelsea Heights Youth Club, CHYRP (Chelsea Heights Youth Recreation Programme) and a range of other activities from art classes to dance and karate.

In 1987 community members formed the ‘Get up and Go Group for ‘Over 50’s’. This lively group operated from the Centre providing a great range of activities until moving to a new venue during building renovations in 2000. A new Seniors Group replaced this shortly afterwards. Activities for those with a creative flair have long been a feature of the Centre, including such things as painting, lead lighting, paper tole, calligraphy, bonsai and many, many more. Since 1987 an informal group has met at the centre on Monday afternoon to enjoy each other’s company and exchange tips and ideas as they each work on their own craft projects.

The Centre has also long had a focus on improving the health and well being of the community. Our longstanding bootscooter group is a great way for people to get out, meet new people, have fun and get fit at the same time. Throughout the years we’ve also held yoga, meditation, tai chi, aerobics, badminton, and all sorts of dancing classes.


The Centre is managed by a Committee of Management made up of voluntary members elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.

The Committee is the guardian of the Centre’s mission and aims:

  • What it plans to achieve.
  • Where it wants to be.
  • How it plans to get there.

If you would like to contribute to the management of the Centre you do not need to have any specific qualifications, however the best committees are those that have a good mix of skills.

Meetings are held monthly, please contact us for further information.

Phone – 9772 3391    Office Hours are 9am to 3pm