Significant changes to COVID settings coming this Saturday 23rd April.

The State Government has announced that from 11.59pm this Friday 22 April:

• Proof of vaccination status will no longer be required to attend venues - this means our Centre can resume offering our services to everyone.

• Checking into venues using the Services Victoria app will no longer be required - venues will no longer need a Check-In Marshall or paper-based attendance records.

• Masks will no longer be required

• Close contacts will no longer have to quarantine – provided they wear a mask indoors and avoid sensitive settings. They will also need to undertake at least five negative rapid tests over the seven days that would previously have been the self-quarantine period.

• Individuals will be required to notify their workplace contacts, in addition to informing their social contacts. Workplaces won’t have to individually identify and notify each potentially exposed worker.

• A number of settings will be retained, including the essential requirement to isolate for seven days following a COVID-19 diagnosis and existing two-dose and three-dose vaccination mandates for workers.

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